Qigong Energy Healing 氣功能量治療

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to develope their own healing power. Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healer. With many years of teaching and healing people with Qigong , he has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put varies Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even to people who are suffering from serious problem like cancer and other serious sicknesses.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Starting Healing for the 1st Time

I started healing to Mrs. Wun for the first time today. I took Mrs. Wun to the area close to the entrance. I just felt that the air and energy were quite good there. It should be a good place to do my healing. I applied the energy transmission after I messaged Mrs. Wun for a while. I asked her if she felt comfortable with my energy. She nodded and waved her hand. She also mumbled to express herself. I felt quite strongly that she was saying yes. After I finished my healing, I felt that she was having a pretty good respond on my energy. When people have a disable palm, normally the muscles there contract tightly together. It looks like they are holding tight with their fingers. Mrs. Wun has a similar condition with her right hand. During the healing, I saw her trying a few times to unfold the fingers of her disable right palm. I knew she really wanted to recover. It strengthened my confidence on my healing to her. It was because the patient’s will was the most important factor of the success of a recovery from the sickness rather than the capability of the doctor or the healer. If the patient is refusing from any help, I am sure no body could help in such a case. Mrs. Wun was holding my hand with her capable left hand. She seemed showing appreciation or did not want me to leave. Her son had told me later that her mom’s facial expression was not same any more as before. She was like having a hope of the recovery.




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