Qigong Energy Healing 氣功能量治療

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to develope their own healing power. Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healer. With many years of teaching and healing people with Qigong , he has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put varies Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even to people who are suffering from serious problem like cancer and other serious sicknesses.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mind Clear But Disabled

Mrs Wun was still in a good condition when I saw her today. As usual she could recognize me and greeted me with her left hand. I grasped her hand and started a conversation for a while. I noticed she had used her left hand to try to wipe any saliva dripping from her mouth. She was actually not dripping any. It showed that her mind was very conscious of a lot of things, even tiny thing like that. Obviously she also cared about her appearance as well. It was then a tragedy that a person with clear mind could not express herself and could not do something she wanted to do with her limbs. I did massage and energy transmission more thoroughly. I really wanted a faster recovery for her. I also tried to transmit energy on the bruise of her right palm besides the areas I usual did.




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