Qigong Energy Healing 氣功能量治療

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to develope their own healing power. Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healer. With many years of teaching and healing people with Qigong , he has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put varies Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even to people who are suffering from serious problem like cancer and other serious sicknesses.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Healing a Liver Cancer Patient

Lately I was doing energy healing to a Liver Cancer Patient. He and his wife found me and looked over my information from my web-site. Wait until the patient was having severe shoulder pain, they called me for the healing.
He actually had a lung cancer a year ago and had gone through all the chemotherapy stuffs. Finally he had an operation to cut the Cancer tumor out of his lung. Unfortunately the doctor found out that the Cancer had spread to his liver which is close and below his lung some time later.
He tried learning some Qigong to help the situation. It was alright until lately. His stomach was suddenly burst into severe pain. His condition was worsening then. Recently it became his right shoulders getting into serious pain.
I checked on his body when I finally met him. I felt it was his energy channel being blocked to make the spot on his right shoulder became so painful. I could feel the spot is swollen big. I had touched his liver area and felt it was hard and swollen as well. His liver was not too good but his over all energy was not too bad. At least he could talk and walk quite well.
I had continuously giving him energy healing for 3 consecutive days. His condition was getting better and better. The shoulder pain was nearly all gone. The last day I was seeing him walking around his flat in a good condition.

On the day right after my third healing section, he went out of HK for a planned course of therapy. I know it may not be easy for people having similar situation to make a sharp choice to give up the western medical treatment for some alternative treatment even if they have seen some encouraging result. Most people will follow as most people would do even if they experience and know it in their heart that something else might work better. This is why the world is so difficult to change to be a better world. We have been educated more to follow rules and regulations rather than to think independently and believe in ourselves. Or we might need to go through all the troubles to learn finally believing in ourselves at the first place. I wish he would be alright.


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