Qigong Energy Healing 氣功能量治療

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to develope their own healing power. Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healer. With many years of teaching and healing people with Qigong , he has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put varies Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even to people who are suffering from serious problem like cancer and other serious sicknesses.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Yin & Yang Qigong Healing 陰陽氣功治療

由氣功冶療顧問 謝耀立 先生研創




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Yin & Yang Qigong Healing By Lawrence Tse
Qigong is an ancient Chinese traditional art of energy work. All sicknesses are caused by blockages of energy. Practicing Qigong will generate your energy to clear blockages to heal sickness and improve your energy level.

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method
This Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to practice to heal themselves.

Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healing consultant. With many years of teaching and healing experiences, he has consequently put varies special and advanced Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been proved to be very effective even to people who are suffering from serious sickness like cancer.

Yin Qigong: Soft and gentle Qigong movements.
You feel energized with the movements rather than tired. You can practice any time you like to gain energy. Since you will not feel tired easily with the movements, you can practice it for a long time to be more benefited by the healing energy.

Yang Qigong: Strong and powerful Qigong techniques.
These are numbers of strong Qigong exercises including Hard Qigong breathing methods and some advanced Qigong special techniques. You will feel the energy being generated within the body very strongly. It clears blockages effectively. It is necessary for people who have serious problem to have such a strong pump of energy to run into their internal system in order to dissolve blockages.

If being sick is just like being dirty as an example, soft Qigong movements work like showering with little but continuous water and strong Qigong exercises work like pouring large buckets of water onto your dirty body. Master Lawrence Tse finds this method very effective to people who have cancer and serious sickness. Still he will apply different techniques depends on individual case.
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Qigong Demonstration

Energy (Qi) Transmission 發氣治療

Mr Yip practicing

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The 11th Healing 第十一次 治療 10-08-2005

It is understandable that Mr. Yip has been gone through some emotional stress, upset and frustration. Although I have try my very best to encourage him to ease his stress out, still he is the one who face the problem 24 hours a day. He showed some resistance recently.

I went to see him this time to comfort his mind. I reassured him and he was truly doing good job especially in his physical training. I mainly passed message to him about he could do things better if he really intended to do so. He could do more frequently and took good rest at the same time. I thought not being rest well and too stressful could be the main reason disturbing his recovery recently. At last I transmitted energy to him. This time I tried to have a physical touch on his chest and back to see if he would felt better. We both agreed that it should not be a short battle to fight. I would let him be more independent to handle his own situation..

可以想像到葉先生內心一定充斥着恐懼,不安及憂慮。 雖然我已很盡力地鼓勵他,去令他放鬆心情,但只有他是真的每天廿四小時地面對着這問題,他流露一些心理上的抗拒。。我這次和他交談時,亦盡力使他安心,亦 盡力鼓勵他。其實他的動作練得已經不錯。我還是道出我想他明白的訊息,就是他永遠也可做得更好,他若已經早晚練習一次,他亦可中午閒時再練習,他亦需要休 息得好一點。我是這樣認為,他近來的不穩定,是由於他睡得不好,亦太憂慮所致。