Qigong Energy Healing 氣功能量治療

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to develope their own healing power. Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healer. With many years of teaching and healing people with Qigong , he has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put varies Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even to people who are suffering from serious problem like cancer and other serious sicknesses.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Forgot how to move her right limbs?

Mrs Wun was very sleepy the whole time I was seeing her in the old people’s home. From far I could see that she was dropping her head in the wheel chair while I was entering the old people’s home. She was most likely falling into sleep. I brought her to the entrance area and that woke her up. She seemed too sleepy to respond me well while I was chatting with her. Her body condition was still fine. While I was holding and messaging her right disable hand, I felt that it was now very light and lose like a normal able hand. She also showed in her facial expression that she could feel quite strongly with her right palm. I believed her right hand was getting better and better. I was thinking maybe she had not got used to use her right hand for 5 years. Even though she got some sense back, she might still not get used to or forget how to move her right hand. It was a similar situation about her right leg. There was sure even more sensation on her right leg. Every time while I was massaging and stimulating her right foot, her right leg would move to react. I was sure the energy I was giving her almost everyday was doing the work to break the blockages in her brain. Her situation was improving steadily. Just a matter of time, she would be able to move all her limbs of her body. After I was transmitting energy to her for a while, she seemed to be more awake. I however felt sleepy after I finished the healing and left the old people’s home. I should have exchange the energy with Mrs. Wun.



Sunday, August 13, 2006

More alive on her right side

Mrs. Wun did not have a pair of sparkling eyes. In fact I could hardly see where she actually focused on while she was staring in a direction. However, every time when I arrived and approached her, she seemed able to recognize me fast and easily. She would turn her head towards me and welcome me with her able left hand as well. She still looked fine today. The right side of her body seemed regaining more and more sense and reacting better. Before both her right hand and leg were like kind of dead things. Now they were becoming more alive. When I tried to rotate her right arm along her shoulder, not like before that it was very hard and I had to push hard to do so, this time it was much easy and loose. I also tuned my energy transmission quite smooth and strong as well. I knew it certainly would help improving Mrs. Wun condition faster.



Friday, August 11, 2006

Stronger Positive Reaction

During Massaging Mrs. Wun today in the old people’s home, I asked her to push me with her left hand. I was surprised by the strength that her left hand could hold firm and straight with. She was definitely improving steadily. Her energy was getting stronger. The bruise on her disable right palm almost all disappeared. Her right leg was reacting more obviously. Not like before, this time not only when I was pulling her toes of her right foot, but also when I was stimulating the upper part of her right foot, her toes would be moving up and down. The upper area of the foot should be less sensitive than toes. That indicated her right leg was regaining more sense. Her son, Nichol arrived at the old people’s home later and also amazed by the latest improving condition of Mrs. Wun. Maybe because Mrs. Wun was regaining more of the sense on her right hand side, she felt more painful and had the intension to push my hands away while I was massaging her right hand and leg. I often told her when she showed the expression of feeling painful during my massage that she had to stand the pain for a while and I would not really hurt her. She always nodded and let me carry on. The energy transmission was again quite smooth and I knew she would be improving more and more steadily.



Thursday, August 10, 2006

Continuously Improving

Today when I arrived at the old people’s home, Mrs. Wun was at the table where she usually had meals together with other old people. I was asking her if she were going to had something to eat and if I should wait for a while. She pushed herself away from the table to let me know she was ready for the healing. It was very obvious that she understood what I was saying very clearly. And her action also showed that her mind was acting quite well. While I was messaging her body, I noticed the condition of the flesh on her hands was improving. The bruise of her right palm was also fading away very fast. And the reaction of her muscle on her right foot was also stronger than the day before while I was pulling her toes. I was asking Mrs. Wun if she was having stronger feelings with her right hand and leg, she was firmly expressing yes to me with a strong nod. I was very happy about such a fast and big improvement of Mrs. Wun’s condition.

As I had mentioned to her son, blockages within Mrs. See were very hard to be dissolved in the beginning even though I transmitted as much energy as possible to do the healing since the blockages were there for couples of years. However, once the blockages were starting to be dissolved, it might be being clear up in a very fast rate. It’s just like some rocks blocking a weak river. A sudden strong water flow might still not able to move the rocks away in the beginning. Once the rocks are started to shake because of the consistent strong stream of water, all in a sudden the rocks would be moving away one by one quickly. At last the river will be all clear up in a very short time. I had this feeling that Mrs. Wun’s condition will improve very quickly from this state. Actually I also found I was tuning my energy smoother and stronger recently for Mrs. Wun. As almost the end of my energy transmission, it was nearly the dinner time for Mrs. Wun. People there were busy preparing the dinner for the old people. Mrs Wun suddenly held my hand and letting me know it was sharp dinner time at 4:30pm and I should stop. It was funny to me and she showed a clear thinking again and took the action to do so. I talked to Mr. Wun about the improving condition of Mrs. Wun after I left. He was also happy and excited. He also asked me if there was someone saying anything negative to me. What he meant was someone there in the old people’s home advised him not to continue my healing to Mrs. Wun. I was glad that Mr. Wun and I could achieve such a trust in each other. He told me he would try to meet me in the old people’s home tomorrow. I also wanted to discuss more about his mom with him.



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Right Toes started to move

I could see Mrs. Wun could recognize me when I was approaching to her. Although from her eyes or facial expression, I could not catch her emotion, she still showed me her movable left hand to welcome me. During the healing, I often kept talking to Mrs. Wun to stimulate her speaking ability. As usual, I was messaging her body first. I found her right unmovable foot was reacting every time when I was pulling her toes. It was clearly a muscle reaction or respond. Her toes were moving. They were lifting up a little bit. I was very much happy that this sign of improvement showed quite early. Although it could be just a little step, it told people who concerned Mrs Wun that we are taking a right path to heal her.I managed quite well again on the energy transmission and did not feel very tired as well. I told Nichol about the latest improving respond of Mrs. Wun, he was also very happy and excited about it. He asked me to continue the way I was healing to Mrs. Wun.



Monday, August 07, 2006

Negative Emotions

Mrs. Wun just woke up from a nap in the afternoon when I arrived at the old people’s home. She grasped my hand and tried to telling me plenty of things. I did not understand but the way she was trying to express herself was absolutely full of energy. Her mind was very active and most probably working quite well. These were actually good signs of an improvement of her condition. At least she had plenty of energy to do all these things. I found Mrs Wun was holding some negative emotion within her. She sometimes would talk to me with depression or sadness. These negative emotions would keep harming her health. On the other hand I however noticed her strong will to recover. I felt myself tuning the energy quite well this time and Mrs. Wun was still reacting positively during the energy transmission. I actually felt confident on her recovery too. She was showing a stable and improving condition even just for few times of healing. I did not feel that tired as usual after the energy transmission. I even felt very light and slightly energized. It seemed that I was reaching a higher energy level. I was very delighted and slept very well at night.



Saturday, August 05, 2006

Patience is needed

Today I was meeting Nichol, Mr. Wun’s son at the old people’s home to show him the usual way I was healing Mrs. Wun. I was also trying to explain the way I understand the condition of Mrs. Wun and the change or improvement that I noticed since I started my work on his mom. Nichol also noticed that his mom actually had some feeling on her right hand and leg. When I press some points over there, she showed some annoying facial expression. Mr. Wun also agreed on this point and was delighted with the improvement of her mom’s condition. Mrs. Wun had regained some strength. She used to drop her head very often as she felt tired very easily. Now everyone including her son, the nurses and other old people there all noticed that Mrs. Wun had her head upright all the time and responded much stronger to others. As I started to work healing on anyone, my only wish would be make the recovery come true and as soon as possible. Still sometimes we could not be building the communication good enough or we could not trust one another strong enough to make the healing journey continue. These were the main reasons that I could not make the case successful. A lot of patients and also their families may not be patient enough. They only want to see a fast result. Although I believe energy can do everything and healing any disease, still it takes time. Especially when a serious illness occurs, it means a huge blockage being accumulated for long time. Just a short period of time of energy healing, the improvement could be a little but still moving a small step towards the recovery.



Friday, August 04, 2006

Mind Clear But Disabled

Mrs Wun was still in a good condition when I saw her today. As usual she could recognize me and greeted me with her left hand. I grasped her hand and started a conversation for a while. I noticed she had used her left hand to try to wipe any saliva dripping from her mouth. She was actually not dripping any. It showed that her mind was very conscious of a lot of things, even tiny thing like that. Obviously she also cared about her appearance as well. It was then a tragedy that a person with clear mind could not express herself and could not do something she wanted to do with her limbs. I did massage and energy transmission more thoroughly. I really wanted a faster recovery for her. I also tried to transmit energy on the bruise of her right palm besides the areas I usual did.



Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Restoring sense on right leg

Mrs. Wun always looked quite expressionless. It could be the case that she was just not in the mood. She however sometimes moved her movable left hand fast and agile to try to express something to me. Her right side of the body was totally paralyzed. She shouldn't able to feel much. But as I was massaging and stimulating her right foot, she was having a quite strong reaction. I knew she felt the pain. It was a good sign that she was restoring more sense with her right leg. In other words, the energy condition of her right leg was improving. Though I felt a bit tired with continuously doing the energy transmission for consecutive 3 days, I still tried my best to send her my energy.
I met the lady who was taking care of her often. She also agreed that Mrs. Wun was having stronger strength these few days. Her head could always maintain upright and it used to be dropping down all the time. The lady said it made easier for her to feed her during meals. I also showed the nurse Mrs. Wun's the fingers of her right palm became loose, soft and relax. Before, the fingers of her right palm were used to tensely curve together. I hope and believe the condition of Mrs. Wun will improve as time goes by. However, I really have to take a day off tomorrow.



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Noticeable Improvement

Today Mrs. Wun still looked fine. According to her neighbour, Mrs. Wun used to drop her head very often but these few days her head was always upright. Mrs. Wun also became responding others more actively too. Before, her energy was very low. She would be too weak to do all those common things that others might find so easy to do. That was what I thought. I was very glad that even people around her noticed the improving physical condition of Mrs. Wun. She was with more energy and strength now for sure. Mrs. Wun looked more conscious comparing with few days ago when I newly met her. Her right palm became softer. Only the middle finger was still a bit hard to stretch straight. She seems able to feel my energy again when I applied energy transmission to her. Her son told me that at least Mrs. Wun now look more positive and are willing to communicate with others. He had tried a few different healing to his mom but neither her mom did not accept that healing nor she was not able to cope with that healing method. Once she was bleeding severely in an acupuncture healing. And the other time, she was fighting with other healer because the healer was making her very painful while pressing on certain points on her body. At least she accepted my healing to her very much.I guess she feel the hope that her body condition would have a chance to recover or at least to improve.