Qigong Energy Healing 氣功能量治療

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is a method mainly to teach patients ways to develope their own healing power. Master Lawrence Tse is a Qigong healer. With many years of teaching and healing people with Qigong , he has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put varies Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even to people who are suffering from serious problem like cancer and other serious sicknesses.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The 16th Healing 第十六次治療 16-09-2005

I did energy transmission to Mr. Yip again today. His condition improved even better. He could speak with a louder voice. Before he tried many times but he seldom could create a voice. Often he gave up. Even his right arm and leg became almost as strong as before he was ill. If just by his body condition, the hospital might let him go home already. However, he still acted like a naughty boy last night disturbing, scolded and hit others. His mind was still unclear sometimes. They injected tranquilizer to Mr. Yip at last. The Doctor in the hospital told Mrs. Yip that it might be my energy giving to Mr. Yip to make him so energetic. I agreed about that in some way. However, his body was also improving. That he was energetic was actually a good sign of his recovery. It would not be under my control to just improve his body condition but not make him energetic. The aggressive behaviour was just the side-effect.

Since the coming two days are public holidays, Mrs. Yip wanted me to take a break first. She was scared by the aggressive behaviour of Mr. Yip. I was actually quite tired and exhausted. I personally would like to take a break. And I will respect Mrs. Yip decision. However, I also worried a bit. Mr. Yip has not been taking any medicine against his Cancer. Without my energy to defend him, what will happen? I only could ask Mr. Yip to call me if Mr. Yip turns to be unstable.

今 天再次為葉先生發氣治療,他的情况 又康復了不少。前數天,他很多次想說話,但總不能發出聲音,他最後也放棄了,今天他已能大聲地說話。甚至他的右手及右脚,已回復往昔的力氣。就以他的身體 的狀况來說,醫院可能已批准葉先生出院了,但他的意識還是有點不大清晰,昨天他像個頑童一樣,騷擾及口罵他人,還動手動腳,護士們唯有替他打鎮靜劑,醫生 對葉太說,可能是我給與葉先生的能量令他過份活躍。我在某程度上同意此說法,但他的身體也很高速地康復,那份活躍其實是他身體康復的證明,若要令葉先生只 康復卻不活躍,那不是我能控制的。他那些比較失控的行為,只是一些副作用罷了。

因 為跟着的兩天是假期,葉太想我暫停 兩天,再看看情况怎樣,她有點怕了葉先生失控時的情况。我其實真的有點累,我個人是想休息一會的,我亦當然會尊重葉太的决定,但我還是有點檐心,因為葉先 生是沒有服藥去抵抗他的癌病,若沒有我的能量去幫他,會怎樣呢?我只有叫葉太多點留意葉先生的狀况,若有點不穩定,便即通知我。

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The 15th Healing 第十五次治療 15-09-2005

With continuous energy transmission everyday, Mr. Yip’s body recovers better and better. However he is delirious once a while.

Illness, maybe especially Cancer, is really like a battle within the body. If you don’t defend well, you will be losing the battle. Let me put it this way, with continuous worsening the situation, even flu might end up to be deadly. To defend, we simply need to improve our energy. We might try to eat some healthy stuffs, do some exercise or even meditation etc. No matter what you do, there is only one process you are trying to achieve. That is to increase your energy. Think about it, the real scenario underneath all facts that we thought what is really going on in the form of material is the energy acting whatever way it is. Everything is energy.

Actually since I started teaching and healing Mr. Yip in April, it has been proceeding quite well. He refused to go through Chemotherapy that Doctors thought he should take or else he might die anytime. At least he has not been worsening the situation so badly until not long time ago. It is a pity that Mr. Yip has missed the best chance to win the battle. In the beginning when he started learning Qigong from me, he already could feel the energy running within his body. If he could work on it more often and with more effort, today all of us including his families and I would be more easily to help him for the recovery. The whole month he has been resisting the healing process and did not practice much. It worsened the situation very fast because what he was suffering was quite a final stage Cancer. He was not young as well. Everybody around him knew that he was quite stubborn and do not listen too much to others. It all led to his critical condition that he had to be hospitalized and he almost passed away.

I know as long as I transmit energy to him everyday, his body condition will recover day by day. The mind of him might take longer. Even though he can leave the hospital and go home, he might not able to practice well enough as before. He might have to rely on others like me to help increasing energy to fight against his illness. I am thinking of how I could help him in a long run, maybe adding up acupressure to help him together because I may not able to transmit energy to him everyday. His son and I however know that we need to deal with what we should deal with right now first and leave the rest in future.


生 病就如同在戰爭,特別是癌病。我們 如果防衛做得不足夠,這塲戰爭便很可能要輸了。讓我這樣說吧,假若患的就只是傷風,但若沒處理得宜,反讓情况惡化下去,也可能變成致命的病。防衛最終就是 提昇能量,我們可能會吃一些健康的食物或食品,或做一些運動,又或靜坐等等,這一切一切都只是在想達成這最終的目的,增强能量以作防衛。試想,我們所看見 的一切事情及事物,背後的最終的實相,卻是什麼在真正活動着呢?是能量。

由 四月我教授氣功及治療他開始,到不 久之前,效果其實已不錯,也沒太大的惡化。但很可惜,葉先生錯過了戰勝這塲病患的最好時機,在最初我教授他氣功的時候,他鍛鍊時能感受到氣感,便應更努力 點,及多點練習,那樣,其他人如他的親人及我,要幫助他去康復便容易多了。差不多一整個月,他也在抗拒治療,又少了練習,要知,他的癌症已到了未期,而且 他年過七十了,他又是頗頑固及不聽別人勸告,這一切都使病情惡化得很快,終於導至極度危急入院的情况,還差不多要去世的地步。

我 知道只要持績每天放氣治療葉先生, 他的身體便會越康復,他的意識便可能需要多點時間,就算他康復得可以出院,也可能不能像往日般練習,而要依賴他人如我去增强能量去對抗這癌病,我在想着一 個較長遠的方法去幫功他,如加進穴位按摩去幫肋他,因為始終我不一定能夠每天給他放氣治療。但是他的兒子和我,都知道目前只可先處理眼前這些,其他只好往 後才去處理了。

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The 14th Healing 第十四次治療 14-09-2005)

Today was the 3rd day of my continuous visit to Mr. Yip. I actually felt tired not physically by in terms of the feeling of my energy. However, to Mr. Yip it was a critical stage. I had to help him and could not take a break yet.

Today Mr. Yip was not in his right mind again but slightly better than the 1st day I saw him in the hospital. He still could remember me. His body condition was getting better. He acted like a naughty boy there. He often wanted to get up and sometimes he pulled out those needles which was inserting to his body to supply him nutrition and medicine. Nurses had no choice but tied him up. Maybe because I did some exercise and massage to his right arm and leg day before or because of other reason, his right limbs came back with some strength today. It brought more trouble for people to try to calm him down.

I would say his body condition was improving because he could move his body with some strength. Not like 2 days ago, he could only lie on bed. Doctor’s explanation was some cancer cells went up to his brain. The way I felt was different. When someone’s energy drop and his internal systems are in a mess, his thinking might also go together in a mess. My father who died in heart disease had similar situation during his last month. Sometimes he was delirious but sometimes he was not. I think Mr. Yip’s condition was the same. It quite depended on his energy condition.

Mr. Yip was quite calm in front of me. He was very co-operative when I was transmitting energy to him. He just lay on bed and closed his eyes peacefully. Maybe he knew it would make him comfortable or he had already got used to it.

An old Chinese saying is that an old man is just like a kid. What happened to Mr. Yip could be explained by this. Especially when he felt bored in bed and could not speak clearly to make others understand, he might just keep trying to get up. Mr. Yip was also a stubborn person and seldom cared what others said. More effort people put to stop him from moving around, stronger resistance he would make. It of course brought a lot of troubles to the Hospital.

Today’s energy transmission was also quite good as 2 days ago. However, I was a bit not able to concentrate too well during energy transmission yesterday. I was thinking Mr. Yip’s condition might be affected by the quality of energy being transmitted to him. And the quality of energy I cultivated would depend on whether I could tune my mind to a peaceful and comfortable state to channel energy in.


他 的意識又有點不清晰,但比第一天我 在醫院見他時好一點,他還能夠記起我。他有點像個頑童。他整天想從床上起來,又把那些連在他身上的針筒蛂出,護士們只好把他綁起來。可能是我曾經替他的右 手及脚活動過,又或是什麼原因,他右手及腳今天變得有點力氣。這卻增加了護士們在綑綁葉先生時候的困難。

我 看到今天葉先生的身體康服了不小, 因為他的氣力增强了是很明顯的,昨天他還是只可躺在床上。醫生還是認葉先生可能是癌細胞上了腦部,我感覺上,葉先生可能只是能量下降,那樣他內在的一切 系統便不能正常地運作,他的思想也可能亂作一團。就像我那只是患心臟病的父親臨終前的約一個月裏,他的意識也是時好時亂。我想葉先生的情况也差不多,很取 决他的能量狀況。


中國人說老人家像小孩。葉先生正是如此,試想他整天悶在床上,又不能清楚表達自己,他可能只是想起床。我認識的葉先生是一個頗頑固的老人家,也不大理會他人的想法。 當醫院裏的護士們越想他按着他,他便會越反抗,因此我亦明白他這樣的狀况是會給醫院帶來很大的麻煩。


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The 13th Healing 第十三次治療 13-09-2005

Today Mr. Yip improved a lot. He could recognize people. He could respond and react accordingly. He behaved as normal. However, he still had difficulties to speak. I knew he was stable by now. He would not pass away all in a sudden.

His wife told me his whole right arm and leg was immobile for a few days. I did a simple reaction test to Mr. Yip’s right limbs. I found out that he actually had feelings on his right arm and leg but he only could move and control them in a very little degree. I moved his arm and leg slowly with some Qigong techniques for a while to help the circulation and stimulate the feelings of limbs. I taught his wife the exercise and hope she could help him to do the exercise more often.

I believe there is no illness that cannot be healed. What we need to do is to belief we can be healed and continue to do some proper works onto the matter.

I did an energy transmission again this time. Mr. Yip’s respond was quite good. Afterwards, he almost wanted to tell me something by his mouth but it was just too difficult to him. However, his reaction and respond already told me that we were communicating well. His condition today was far better than yesterday. I was glad that my energy could really help him especially in such a critical situation.


葉 太告訴我葉生的右手及右腿已經數天 不能移動了,我跟葉先生做了一些簡單的反應測試,發覺他的右手及右腿是有感覺及反應的,亦能輕微地控制着。我幫葉先生的右手及右腿作些了氣功的移動動作, 亦幫他的手及腿部推拿了一會,來增強血液循環及刺激神經感覺及反應。我亦教了葉太這些動作,那樣葉太便可常常幫助葉先生了



Monday, September 12, 2005

The 12th Healing 第十二次治療 12-09-2005

It has been more than a month since my last visit to Mr. Yip. I know he has been going through some strong emotional resistances. He has been making excuses to stop meeting me and stop taking Chinese Medicine. I know he had much confident on my Qigong healing in the beginning since he could feel the energy inside him during practice. He became expecting a fast and big result. However, when he could not see what he expected to see, he was disappointed and frustrated. Then he told me he became lazy to practice. I tried to guide him back to the right track when I called him. However, when someone does not have enough confidence on you, you cannot do much about it. I know his health condition has been declining. I have been worrying about the situation. When you drop your defense, do you think your enemys will also slow down? No, they will attack even harder.

Last few days I called Mr. Yip to try to find out how he was recently. I could not get him on his mobile and house phone. First I thought he might be out of HK. I finally realized he was hospitalized for a few days in a very critical condition. Mr. Yip could not get up from bed when he was in the hospital. His became not able to express himself clearly and not able to recognize others. Sometimes he reacted strangely and looked around to see corners or walls where nothing is there. It reminds me the last month when my father was passing away. He was suffering from heart disease for years. At last he was having similar condition as Mr. Yip. Some Chinese say when a person is dying, he could see something that other people cannot see like spirits. I try to look at it in a viewpoint of energy. when someone is becoming a spirit (dying), the frequency of his energy is similar to those in a form of pure spirit. That’s why he might be able to see them. There are also quite a number of people claim that they can see spirits sometimes. I guess they can reach that frequency or vibration of spirits once a while. They are like radios which able to tune to receive some specific frequency to broadcast.

Back to Mr. Yip’s case, doctor certified Mr. Yip was at his final stage and could pass away anytime. Doctor also said Cancer might already go up his head. I felt that Mr. Yip might just running out of energy to maintain his consciousness in his mind. Like my father, not having cancer, before he passed away, sometimes he was delirious too.

Mr. Yip was a bit more stable on the day I went to hospital to see him. He tried look at me but seemed not able to recognize me. He also tried to speak to me but could not raise his voice. I told his family that although Mr. Yip seemed to be in a very bad condition, I would not give up on any patient as long as he was still alive in front of me. Even it was the case that he could only take one more breath. I believed that energy could do anything. I suggested giving him a last try. There was nothing I could do except energy transmission. I tried my very best this time. Actually recently I felt my energy transmission going into a different level. I felt and knew that the result this time was not bad. Mr. Yip looked energized on his face afterwards. His families could also felt the difference of Mr. Yip after the energy transmission.

How Mr. Yip responds in the coming few days will be determining whether he could make it this time. I will do my very best to follow up Mr. Yip’s condition. I will not give up. Miracles would come true if you really strongly think so and believe.

一 個月餘沒有去探望葉先生了。我知他正在處於一個不小的心理抗拒期。他用了很多借口來取消我的約見,又停服了中藥。葉先生因為練了氣功不久,便有氣感,所以 對此抱有很大的期望。但後來期望過大,便轉為失望及沮喪。他亦告訴我變得懶惰起來,練習氣功便少了。我與他電話談話中,便嘗試引導他回正確的心理去,但當 人失去信心時,是不易聽人勸告的。我知道葉先生的健康是在每況愈下中,我是真有點擔心,因為在這狀況中,你放下你的抵抗,敵人卻不會靜下來,反而會不斷加 強進攻。

前 數天,我不斷致電葉先生,卻找不著他。我起初以為他一定是離開了香港,但後來才發現了他巳因為病危躺在醫院數天了。他已不能很清楚的表達自己,亦開始不能 認清楚他的親人了。他有時有點奇怪的反應及目光呆滯地看着四處,如牆角等無人無物的地方。這使我想起我父親臨去世前的約一個月裏,他患有心臟病已數年了, 臨終時他也有類此的情况。中國人有這樣的說法,當人臨終時,是看見一些別人看不見的東西如幽靈。我以能量角度來看,當人在差不多去世的狀態下,與一些純能 量體的頻率應亦差不遠,所以有可能看得見,亦有些人說他們也可看得見的,我想他們有時可接收到那些頻率,就如收音機一樣,調教接收器,便能接收到一些頻 率。

說 回葉先生的狀况,醫生判斷他已經到了最後階段,可能隨時過世,醫生亦認為癌細胞已可能上了他的腦部。我則認為葉先生有可能只是能量降低,到了不能使腦部正 常地運作,就像我父親臨去世前,亦如葉先生一般,有點神志昏亂,腦部亦不清醒,但他卻不是癌病患者。那天我看葉先生時,他已較穩定了。他望着我,卻像不大 認識我。我嘗試對我講話,卻發不出聲音。我對他的家人說,雖然葉先生的情况看來很壞,但一個在面前還在生還的病人,就算是只剩一口氣,我從來也不會放棄。 我的信念是,能量是什麼也能辦到的。我對葉先生的家人提意作最後的嘗試,而我亦只能給葉先生發氣治療。我亦盡力而為。其實近來我對發氣治療亦領誤到一個新 的境界。我感到這次的治療應該做得不錯。葉先生後來面上亦看來精神起來,他家人亦感到他的轉變。